Resident Yoga Teachers

Kate Swarm

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Kate is a Yoga Teacher from Oregon.

She finds her greatest joy in holding space for other people, it is her gift. Before she was a yoga teacher she was a birth doula creating an atmosphere of kindness, encouragement, and education for women in labor. She guided pregnant mommas while they were in their most vulnerable state, and provided them with support so they could tune in and listen to their bodies. She feels that, as a yoga teacher, she holds the same space for people. Her goal is to create a safe, supportive, and loving place for people to come explore the boundless possibilities of their form.


Kate believes yoga is a place to unite mind, body and soul. Yoga is that place where everything that came before, and everything that lies ahead, quiets. Yoga is the moment when world falls to a hush, and you exist in the NOW. Yoga is where all the pieces of who you are come together, and all the excess fades away. To do yoga, means to exist in the present moment; it is less about the physical asana, and more about fully experiencing the connection that happens between mind, body and soul while you practice.


Besides being a yoga teacher, Kate teams up with Walter Yoga to produce extraordinary events, and guides movement at the Walter Wake Up Call! , morning dance parties.

Gordon Ogden

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Gordon Ogden is a man of movement.

He is an internationally celebrated yoga teacher and wellness event producer, who has spent his life utilizing outlets of physical expression to connect to the world around him. His introduction to yoga nearly 20 years ago transformed his passion in to a practice, and his practice in to a way of being. Now a teacher, and mentor to countless Yogis, athletes, and intentional beings, Gordon has been able to share his passion and wisdom across the globe.

His life has not only been a pursuit of finding what moves him physically, but what moves him emotionally. His fond love of music and stage production has fueled a passionate career in the arts. His journey of moving mind, body and soul lead him to develop Walter Yoga, a full sensory immersive yoga experience, utilizing state-of-the-art sound and light equipment to create environments that match the emotional and physical energy of a class.

He’s been a marketing professional since the mid 1990’s, an avid rock climber, and lives in Phoenix with his wife Holly, and their daughter Willow.

Some noteworthy festivals/venues he has instructed at include:
Sedona Yoga Festival, AZ
Namaste Yoga Festival, AZ
Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival, TN
YogaFort (TreeFort). ID
Northwest Yoga Conference, WA
Oregon Eclipse Festival (Symbiosis), OR
What The Festival, OR
Burning Man, NV

Guest Yoga Teachers

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